4 Cash Advance Apps For Social Security or Disability Recipients (2024)

Editor’s Note: Overdraft Apps provides detailed product reviews and recommendations based upon extensive research and our own hands-on testing. We may earn a referral fee when you sign up for or purchase products mentioned in this article.

Are you feeling the pinch between your Social Security payments? Cash advance apps can help bridge the gap but not all apps are created equal. We’ve rounded up the top four apps to access fast cash with low (or no) fees so you can breathe easier and make informed decisions about your finances.

Social Security is the major source of income for most people over the age of 65.

Roughly 66 million people – or 1 in 5 US adults – collected Social Security benefits last year.

Around 9 million Americans are also supported by Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Whether you (or a loved one) is dealing with limited income in retirement or as a result of disability, knowing your options for additional cash are crucial.

Fortunately, many cash advance apps in 2024 accept a range of income outside traditional employment.

That means you may be able to use your Social Security benefits when applying for a cash advance to cover urgent expenses.

🤓 Overdraft Apps Tip: Social Security benefits are much more modest than you might think. The average Social Security retirement benefit in February 2023 was about $1,782 per month. This works out to roughly $21,384 per year. (The average disabled worker received slightly less.)

Benefits of cash advance apps for Social Security recipients

Helpful when you need fast cash

If you’ve ever applied for a traditional personal loan then you probably know how slow and frustrating the application process can be. You can sink serious time collecting documents to verify your income or employment, only to be turned down at the last minute. If you’ve been searching for a Social Security loan, you probably quickly got frustrated at the very few options available, and may have gasped when you saw the high interest rates and fees that come with them.

For older or disabled Americans (and the families who support them), applying for an advance through an app can help slash time and deliver faster results.

You provide the necessary income and employment information when you sign up. Then, cash advance apps typically analyze your information to provide quick approval and fast transfers. You can often get the money into your account on the same day (or in as little as 10 minutes with some apps!).

Cover urgent bills and household expenses

Most cash advance apps put cash directly into your account or onto a linked debit card. This means you have the freedom to spend your money on ANYTHING.

With no restrictions on where your money can go, you can pay for bills, cover medical expenses, cover weekly groceries, fix the car – pretty much anything you want.

You can also use your advance to avoid late fees and service interruptions that would either cost more (e.g. a $35 overdrawn account fee) or cause a headache. A lack of cash can pose a serious problem for retired or disabled Americans. With cash advance apps tailored to Social Security recipients, help is always a few taps away.

Pay for medical appointments or expenses

Most Americans know how expensive medical bills can be first-hand (or know someone who does).

Cash advance apps can bridge the gap when you’re facing a doctor’s appointment or specialist visit.

Living with disabilities or a reduced income in retirement can mean extra pressure when unexpected medical issues arise. Whether you’re visiting the doctor more often than usual or you’re being prescribed new treatments or drugs, cash advances help make sure you get the care you need instead of going without.

🤓 Overdraft Apps Tip: Many cash advance apps for Social Security recipients also come with budgeting and saving tools. The right app won’t just put cash in your pocket, it can help you better understand your money and minimize the chance of falling into a financial hole in the future.

Enjoy instant approval and low (or no) fees

The biggest benefit of the right cash advance app is that you can access money you need quickly and with low (or no) fees.

When you request an advance, you may be able to get instant approval and move money into your bank account on the same day. Even if this amount is on the lower end of the spectrum (around the $20 mark) this can still be a lifesaver in certain circ*mstances.

You also take advantage of no interest and zero hidden fees. Not all cash advances are transparent about their pricing structure (unless you want to go diving into their terms and conditions). But plenty of popular apps like Dave, Cleo and MoneyLion are clear and upfront about their pricing so you can make informed (and often affordable) choices.

While there are dozens of cash advance apps out there, you won’t be able to qualify for some of them without being employed. For example, the popular Earnin app doesn’t work with Social Security, so we’ve narrowed down our recommendations to apps that welcome people who receive regular benefits payments.

4 cash advance apps for Social Security or Disability recipients

Living on a fixed income can mean unexpected expenses hit hard. Cash advance apps can provide a small, temporary solution for Social Security recipients needing a short-term financial cushion.

To narrow down this list, we researched:

  • Income eligibility: Not all cash advance apps accept Social Security as income. The following apps don’t require income solely from an employer.
  • Repayment flexibility: These apps typically expect repayment on your next benefit deposit but may be flexible to suit your schedule.
  • Extra features: Many of these apps offer extra features whether it’s building an emergency fund or offering budgeting tools.

Here are 4 cash advance apps that may be suitable for Social Security or Disability recipients:

#1 – Dave: Use ExtraCash™ to get up to $500 in minutes

Dave is one of the most widely used advance apps and offers up to $500.2

It’s also our number one pick for Social Security recipients who need money fast.

In our hands-on tests of Dave, we’ve gotten cash (known as ExtraCash™) in our account in less than ten minutes. And while many apps are getting more expensive, Dave just unveiled new pricing that makes it one of the cheapest ways to borrow a quick hundred bucks!

Dave’s membership is just $1/month (which blows pretty much every subscription fee out of the water).

​​Dave also charges an express delivery fee based on how much money you advance with ExtraCash™. Express delivery fees vary:

  • 3% ($3.00 minimum) for instant transfers to a Dave Spending account
  • 5% ($5.00 minimum) for instant transfers to an external debit card

If you’re not in a rush, you can have Dave transfer your cash advance to your bank account within three business days via ACH (electronic transfer) with no express fee.

Why the Dave app suits anyone on Social Security or Disability payments: Government income, including SSI, is supported as long as there’s a recurring deposit pattern (you’ll need at least three recurring deposits).

Get up to $500 instantly >>> Check out Dave 👈

#2 – Brigit: Use ‘Instant Cash’ to borrow up to $250 in fee-free overdrafts

The Brigit app offers instant cash advances between $50 and $250.3

Most people qualify for advances between $50 and $100 to start – with your specific amount based on your bank account history and activity, especially your regularly recurring deposits.

Like Dave, you’ll need to pay a subscription for Brigit Plus to unlock cash advances.

This will set you back $9.99/month. You can also upgrade to Brigit Premium for $14.99/month to enjoy cash advances with free express delivery.

Brigit’s $9.99/month fee is more than Dave’s $1/month fee but (a lot) lower than the late fees you might be charged if you’re short on cash and waiting for your next benefits payment.

Access up to $250 in fee-free overdrafts >>> Explore Brigit Now 👈

Why the Brigit app suits anyone on Social Security or Disability payments: To qualify for Brigit Instant Cash you must have at least three recurring deposits from the same employer or deposit source – which includes Government benefits.

#3 – Chime SpotMe: Borrow $20 right away (up to $200) with no overdraft fees

Chime SpotMe® can provide you with up to $200 in fee-free overdrafts.4

To be eligible for SpotMe, you’ll need an active Chime debit or Credit Builder card (fee-free overdrafts are available on both).

Like the other apps on this list, recurring direct deposits are necessary. Once you set up your account to receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more a month, Chime will cover up to $200 in overdrafts on your account.

Plenty of Chime’s users set up recurring deposits from an employer or gig work. However, benefit provider income is also allowed so you can use your Social Security, disability payments, unemployment wages or veteran’s benefits.

Once you’re all set up, you can overdraft your account via debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals with no overdraft fees (limits start at $20).

You can also set up Social Security payments to go directly to your Chime Checking Account using direct deposit.

You’ll need to use your Chime routing and account numbers and make sure the name on your benefits matches the name on your account.

Get fast access to fee-free overdrafts >>> Sign up for Chime in less than 2 minutes 👈

Why the Chime app suits anyone on Social Security or Disability payments: Integration is easy as you can deposit your monthly Social Security benefits directly into your Chime checking account. Chime won’t restrict your recurring deposits to a single employer, so your benefits payments can help you access the SpotMe service.

#4 – MoneyLion: Use Instacash for up to $500 cash advances

MoneyLion’s Instacash offers advances up to $500 with no credit check, no interest, and no monthly fee.5

To request an advance, download the MoneyLion app and link a qualifying checking account to find out if you’re eligible.

To start off, you’ll unlock $10 or more. (We qualified for $150 our first time using the app.)

With recurring deposits in your linked account – including Social Security or disability benefits – you can increase your advance limit to $50 and up to $500. (It usually takes 3 – 8 weeks of activity to reach the maximum limit.)

If you’re not in a rush, MoneyLion can get your cash for free though this takes 1 to 5 business days. If you urgently need cash, you can pay a small express fee.

Express fees range from $0.49 to $8.99 depending on how much you borrow and whether you send it to an external or RoarMoney account.

Get cash advances up to $500 with no interest >>> Check out MoneyLion 👈

Why the MoneyLion app suits anyone on Social Security or Disability payments: MoneyLion’s terms and conditions state that “Eligible Direct Deposits” means a recurring direct deposit of your wages, compensation, or other income so you can use your Social Security benefits to request a cash advance.

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4 Cash Advance Apps For Social Security or Disability Recipients (1)

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  1. As of February 13, 2024. Offers may change and may not be available to all users. Eligibity requirements apply.See KashKick's Terms of Service for full details.
  2. ExtraCash™ is a DDA account with overdraft utility, advances are subject to eligibility requirements and identity verification. Taking an ExtraCash™ advance will make your account balance negative. Express delivery fees apply to instant transfers. As of January 2024, the average approval amount for disbursed advances is $160 in the trailing six months. See the Dave ExtraCash™ Deposit Agreement and Disclosures for more details.
  3. Not all members will qualify for advances; Depending on eligibility, advances range from $50 – $250. Subject to Brigit’s approval and policies. Brigit monthly subscription required. Instant Cash is not available in all states.

  4. Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC. SpotMe® on Credit is an optional, no interest / no fee overdraft line of credit tied to the Secured Deposit Account available to qualifying members with an active Chime Credit Builder Account. SpotMe on Debit is an optional, no fee overdraft service attached to the Chime Checking Account available to qualifying members after Visa debit card activation. Both SpotMe on Credit and SpotMe on Debit are sometimes collectively referred to as “SpotMe” or, if you have signed up to use SpotMe with only one account, “SpotMe” means the elected service. To qualify for SpotMe, you must receive $200 or more in qualifying direct deposits to your Chime Checking Account each month.
  5. Instacash is an optional service offered by MoneyLion. Your available Instacash Advance limit will be displayed to you in the MoneyLion mobile app and may change from time to time. Your limit will be based on your direct deposits, account transaction history, and other factors as determined by MoneyLion. See Instacash Terms and Conditions for more information and eligibility requirements.
4 Cash Advance Apps For Social Security or Disability Recipients (2024)


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You can get a personal loan while on disability if you meet the lender's criteria. For the most part, this means having a good credit score and a reasonable DTI ratio and proving you can repay the amount you want to borrow with your income, including SSDI. Remember to compare lenders carefully before you apply.

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The brief's key findings are: An unconventional strategy allows individuals to use early Social Security benefits like a “free loan,” paying back the principal while keeping the interest.

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How to qualify for an Empower advance. Like most cash advance apps, Empower doesn't check users' credit to determine eligibility. Instead, the app requires users to connect a bank account (or use an existing Empower bank account) so it can review your income, banking history, balances and transactions.

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Top money borrowing apps of 2024
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Chime$20-$200At the point of sale
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Possible FinanceUp to $500Instant
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If your employer partners with Payactiv, you can access $500 of your earned wages ahead of payday. Cash advance apps like MoneyLion and Dave also offer up to $500 in cash, but you may not qualify for the maximum if it's your first time borrowing.

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You can get a $500 loan via a personal loan, payday loan, payday alternative loan, cash advance app, or credit card cash advance. However, some options are better than others. Some small loans come with high costs that can cause financial hardship.

What is an emergency advance payment from SSI? ›

(1) Emergency advance payment means a direct, expedited payment by a Social Security Administration field office to an individual or spouse who is initially applying (see paragraph (b)(3) of this section), who is at least presumptively eligible (see paragraph (b)(4) of this section), and who has a financial emergency ( ...

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How do I get the $16728 Social Security bonus? ›

There's really no “bonus” that retirees can collect. The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a specific formula based on your lifetime earnings to determine your benefit amount.

Can I borrow money from Direct Express? ›

6.23 Can I get a loan or cash advance from the Direct Express® card? No. Funds are not available for use until the federal benefit payment is deposited to your card account.

How to get a loan with only Social Security income? ›

If you're looking to get a mortgage using only your benefits, you'll need to have a strong credit history, show proof of your Social Security income, have a debt-to-income ratio under 43% and have cash for a down payment. If your lender is willing to gross up your income, you may qualify for an even larger loan.

Can I get a payday loan with my Direct Express card? ›

There are some lenders that offer payday loans with Direct Express cards. Depending on the lender, you can apply for a loan either online or in person. To apply for a loan you must usually submit your name and personal contact information, social security number, date of birth, ID, employment status and income details.

Can you make a payment plan with Social Security? ›

We offer flexible repayment plans, including payments as low as $10 per month. Appeal the overpayment if you don't agree that you've been overpaid, or you believe the amount is incorrect.

Does Klover work with Social Security? ›

We do accept Social Security as a form of income, as long as it falls within the below requirements. Income requirements are as follows: Consistent paychecks, each equal to $250 or more. Consistent 7-day or 14-day pay cycles.

Does Cash App use Social Security? ›

To receive a Cash App Card, you will need to verify your account using your full name, date of birth, the last 4 digits of your SSN, and your mailing address. We may request additional information if we are unable to verify your account using this information.


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