2024 Prom Dresses, Gowns for Prom (2024)

Shop these junior and senior prom dresses to find your dream dress for prom 2024. Offering long prom dresses and short prom dresses in the latest styles, trending colors, and popular designs, PromGirl has a dress for every girl and any budget.

From simple prom dresses to embellished prom gowns, finding your signature style is a cinch with this diverse collection of dresses for prom. If it’s a designer prom dress you seek, you’re in luck! This assortment includes designer prom gowns by the best and popular prom dress designers including Jovani, La Femme, Faviana, and many more. You can even find dresses designed, and exclusively sold, by PromGirl. Not sure what you want to wear to junior or senior prom? No problem! For in-depth advice on how to shop for your perfect prom dress online, check out The Dress section of the Prom Guide. Whether you want a long prom dress or a short prom dress, you will find only the best dresses for prom 2024 here at PromGirl.

What Dress Should I Wear to Prom?

The prom dress you wear should be a style that makes you happy! You should feel confident and comfortable in the prom dress you pick so that you can enjoy your special night to the fullest. Whether you’re attending junior prom or senior prom, the first step to picking the perfect prom dress is to familiarize yourself with your event’s dress code. If multiple proms are on your social calendar, be sure to check the dress code for each dance, as there could be different rules per location. From there, what you choose to wear to prom should be determined by your personal style preference, budget, and possibly even the theme of the dance. Whether you’re a fearless trendsetter searching for the latest in prom fashions or a modest maven looking for a fancy prom dress to enhance your natural beauty, this collection of prom dresses offers perfectly pleasing options for both junior and senior prom.

What Do I Wear to Junior Prom?
While anything from short semi-formal party dresses to long prom dresses are acceptable to wear as junior prom dresses, you may find that your school has rules regarding the dress length and modesty of design. Beyond the dress code, the best advice for picking a junior prom dress is to stay true to yourself. Select a comfortable dress that expresses your personal style and allows you the freedom of movement needed to show off your dance skills! Though short semi-formal dresses tend to be the norm, long prom gowns and trendy prom dresses are great options too. Most junior prom attendees choose to wear less formal styles like short affordable prom dresses, saving the long formal dress for their senior year. But remember, your comfort is key to a confident look. If you love the look of a floor-length prom gown, then go for it.

What Do I Wear to Senior Prom?
Long prom dresses and short formal dresses are both perfect for flaunting your fashion smarts at senior prom. Along with giving careful consideration to the school’s dress code, the most important thing to consider when choosing your senior prom dress is how the dress makes you look and feel. While formal evening dresses were once the standard for senior prom, the world of fashion is constantly evolving. At modern proms you’ll see short prom dresses and high-low dresses, as well as long prom gowns. Just remember, such an important event deserves a beautiful confidence-inspiring dress. So, why not take advantage of the opportunity to go all out, wear a fancy dress, and pamper yourself? Senior prom may be the last chance to live it up with all of your high school friends together, so make sure you’re celebrating in style with a winning prom dress.

In general, what you wear to prom doesn’t change much from your junior to senior year. Both are important events and provide a chance to get dressed up. The best advice is to always wear the prom dress that makes you happy and meets the dress code for the event. Explore PromGirl’s assortment of prom dresses for 2024 to find the style that inspires you. Then get ready to strike a pose and make memories you’re sure to cherish for years to come!


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2024 Prom Dresses, Gowns for Prom (2024)


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